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All housing counseling sessions are Free and informative. Programs include Foreclosure Intervention, Pre-Purchase Counseling, Financial capability, Post-Purchase Counseling including refi cost-benefit analysis, and rental counseling.  Find out what programs may work for you and how to set-up an appointment for these programs by calling a professional SWIC housing counselor now!

Homebuyer Education Workshops are conducted at SWIC every 3rd Saturday of Month and are free to attend. Registration is required and the workshops usually fill-up.

Online Home Buyer Education is $75.00 and can be accessed here:

Homeowners in foreclosure or delinquent on payments: 

If you’re in foreclosure or have received a notice of intent to foreclose time is not on your side. If you have missed a payment let us examine your situation before it’s too late and foreclosure is filed on your property. Most foreclosure filings can happen after 90 days past due. Once the filing is complete you have a limited amount of time to work out an agreement with your mortgage service provider. 

Some programs that are now available to the delinquent homeowner include – FHA-HAMP and FHA- HAMP Partial Claim, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac standard modifications, and Loan Servicer Modifications for conventional loans.  Homeowners with verifiable income and hardship who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments may be eligible for these mortgage modifications programs.

Additionally, income verified homeowners who are still current but have not been able to refinance due to the decline in the value of their home may be eligible for HARP 2.0 until December 2018.

Unemployed retired, or disabled homeowners should have some verification of income before attempting to apply. Verification would consist of the original award letter for unemployment, disability, or social security retirement benefits. Please contact a SWIC housing counselor if you have any questions regarding income verification.

SWIC housing counselor’s attending national training seminars every couple of months to stay current on the critical and quickly information that is needed in the foreclosure market. We are ready to become your advocate.

SWIC  One-on-one counseling sessions are available Monday – Friday by appointment only. Call a SWIC Housing Counselor TODAY for assistance or to register for a Homebuyer workshop!
303-934-0923 or send E-mail to

For more information you can watch a series of videos produced by Freddie Mac. Help for Homeowners can be viewed by clicking on the following link.


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