Public Notice of Neutrality

SWIC and this facility serve everyone in this community, regardless of race, creed, political inclination (including no political inclination), skin color, ethnic heritage, national origin, age, disability, physical or mental handicap, body size, gender, gender orientation, sexual orientation, perceived sexual orientation, faith tradition (including no faith tradition), marital status, family status, military status, and parental status. “There’s Room for Everyone in SWIC!”


SWIC – The SouthWest Improvement Council, SouthWest Denver Community Center, is a non-sectarian, non-partisan, non-political public charity. SWIC is Neutral in all matters of politics and faith. SWIC does not endorse any particular viewpoint, faith tradition, political party, or political candidate.


Organizations and individuals may rent space from SWIC to express their own political and faith Opinions. Their Opinions are not the Opinions of SWIC. SWIC has NO political or faith opinions.


If you feel pressured or are treated unfairly,

Please immediately report the incident:

Executive Director Jan Marie Belle’s Cell Phone: 720-212-3253

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